Ipage Hosting

Few other hosting firms stand as tall as ipage, which provides a range of hosting services to a variety of businesses, playing host to blogs and personal as well as business websites, both large and small. Playing an important role on the ecommerce front, ipage hosting is a truly delectable treat, offering the sorts of hosting plans and bundles at ipage pricing webmasters and bloggers could only dream of, this not even taking into account the many an ipage discount on offer. Here are best iPage pricing and coupons offers.

It is difficult to believe that ipage web hosting actually began as web solutions firm, with web hosting only a small facet of its core operations. One might say that its closure in the early 2000s was a god send, because it’s eventual reopening in 2007 as a primarily web hosting firm resulted in some pretty incredible successes.

Falling within the Endurance International Group alongside fellow hosting giants like bluehost and hostmonster, and operating out of Burlington, the various servers housed within the firm’s pair of data centers in Massachusetts play home to over a million websites, its 800 employees providing quality hosting services to customers in over a hundred locations around the world.

Most people will agree that any hosting service worth its salt needs to make available an unlimited offering of services in its hosting plans, this including unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, domains and even MySQL database instances.

Ipage is no exception, complementing its unlimited plans with additional feature designed to improve the ipage hosting experience, this including a pretty user friendly website developer, the tool taking advantage of myriads of templates in simplifying the process of creating websites.

One need not be a webmaster or computer science professional to generate some of the most beautiful websites possible with the click of a few buttons.

Besides ipage coupon offers, the firm not only provides free user friendly applications like blogs and forums, but also includes installation wizards designed to expedite the set up process, also providing support for script such as Joomla, Drupal, Word Press, and even mambo.

Along with image galleries, ipage hosting presents itself as considerably inviting to those individuals that are new to the world of web development and hosting.

Not that the world isn’t chock full of web hosts making available these very same features and probably even more; yet, taking into account the various promos on offer, especially for new users, one cannot deny the attractive nature of ipage’s prices, some of the best in the industry for the quality features on offer. Competitive pricing is offered by Siteground with $3.95 coupon, available at www.celebrateall.org/hosting-coupons/siteground

And where other hosts would go the generic route with cPanel and Plesk, ipage instead chooses to diversify, making available its own customized control panel, vDesk, designed to optimize the process of web administration, manipulation and navigation, not only easy to use but to also personalized to each user’s specific requirements; truly magnificent.

And just how relevant is 99% uptime likely to prove in the presence of a slew of continuously occurring problems; ipage takes steps to make available a professional customer support mechanism, constituting competent staff accessible via phone, live chat and even email, dedicated to providing effective solutions to all manner of problems as fast as possible.

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